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Baby Steps Towards Body Acceptance with Kayla Stansberry

Kayla joins Atheana Brown as she shares some tangible ways people can move towards more body acceptance. Kayla discusses elements that support people moving from body hate to body neutrality/acceptance to her best tips on moving towards a body-liberated place. She also shares ideas for parents on how they can start this work in the home for their kids.


Ep 86 With Therapist Kayla Stansberry

Kayla emphasizes the need for community and discusses her passion for fat liberation and social justice and these intersect with ableism and racism. Katie and Kayla also dive into Kayla's love for clothing and how she uses adornment to promote personal expression and a healing relationship with the body. 


Healing Body Trauma Through Community & Joy --Kayla Stansberry

Kayla shares how joy and community can be a treatment approach for body trauma. And this isn’t just for fat & plus-size people. Diet culture and capitalism have created body trauma for all of us, no matter what our bodies look like, and Kayla is here to take us through what we can do about that.

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