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& Group Consultation

My name is Kayla Stansberry, LCPC, IEC

Interested in learning about Fat Activism and how to support larger bodied clients in your practice?

Hi! My name is Kayla Stansberry, LCPC and I am a Board Certified Supervisor In Maryland.

I am a certified intuitive Eating Counselor and specialize in Body Image, Fat Advocacy and eating disorders. I have been in practice for over ten years and enjoy spreading awareness surrounding fat issues and how that intersects with other marginalized identities.

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Consultation Group

Starting Sept 11th @12pm EST

Biweekly consultation group for therapists and providers to explore best practices for fat clients. 

$45 Per Hour Group

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Self Paced training Now Available for Mental Health Providers

Full 2 Hour Training
for $45.99

Free Provider Resource Sheet & Body Trauma Worksheets Included with Purchase

Resource Downloads

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